Gold Coast
Gold Coast Realm
Guld Kyst Rige
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 - World Golden Rainbow  
 - Continent Lacerta  
 - Region Berco Yok  
 - Capital Torshavn  
 - Largest city Copenhavn  
Official languages Danish
Regional Languages English
Ethnic groups 95.2%   Danish
  2.8%   English and Gaelic
  .5%   African
  1.5%   Other
Demonym Vikings
Religion Pagan
Government Aristocratic republic
 - King Michael
Legislature Rigsdagen
 - Upper house Landsting 
 - Lower house Folketing 
 - Formation May 3719 
 - Total 64,403,712  
 - Total 100,379  
 - Percentage 56%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation Globex GR
 - Common Market Scarlet Sea Union
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
Nominal Value US${{{value}}}
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Date Format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the right
URL [{{{url}}} Gold Coast] in Simcountry.


The Gold Coast or officially the Gold Coast Realm (in Danish Guld Kyst Rige) is a country located on the Lacerta continent in the Berco Yok region on Golden Rainbow. It is the northern most country of the Berco Yok region. The country is bordered by four countries and the Scarlet Sea. A unitary state with a limited constitutional monarchy with both Danish and English as official languages. This country is one of the most highly developed on Lacerta if not Golden Rainbow. The country lays claim to a vast sea territory in the Scarlet Sea and many islands and reefs there have been settled. Currently it is the second largest in terms of population (after Ressurection) on Lacerta and has the largest city (Copenhavn) on that continent.. The Gold Coast is a member of both the Scarlet Sea Union common market and the Globex GR federation.


The reason for the name of the country has been lost over time. One theory is that it was named after its blond haired inhabitants. Another was due to the richness of the area or due to its copper deposits.


Most of the inhabitants of the country, at 98%, are white and of European origin. Those of Danish origin comprise the vast majority of the population at 95.2%. English and Gaelic peoples make up the next largest group. Black Africans make up a small minority of .5%. Other races make up the remainder. The population is over all homogenous.

The inhabitants religion is a mix of Christian and Pagan beliefs.


Both Torshavn the capital and Copenhavn the largest city in the country are ranked as Alpha cities for not only the continent of Lacerta but Golden Rainbow. Copenhavn is the largest city on Lacerta with Torshavn the second largest. The cities have strong economies. The cities of the Gold Coast lie in a key geographic position on the continent of Lacerta being right of centre and at the crossroads of two regions. Torshavn sits on a promontory jutting into the Scarlet Sea on the Guden river overlooking Aegir Bay. Torshavn in English means Thor's Harbour. The city is the seat of the Scarlet Sea Union common market and also the capital of an empire. The regional headquarters of the Globex GR federation is also based here.

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