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The Forty-Sixth Soviet Government lasted from 3308 to 3320. Ms Emily was elected leader on the first ballot. Devlin, who was premier during the previous government, declined to run for a second term. Ms Emily retired from the Soviet Supreme Court in order to run and was joined by both Jack and Lego in the second consecutive open race. The election was relatively a landslide, and a second ballot was ultimately not necessary.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Emily Keppy 73 per cent Not required
Jack Lego 55 per cent Not required
Lego Emily 47 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Upon election, Ms Emily articulated the priorities of the new government, indicating that from the start she intended to run for a second term. Whereas the previous two governments attempted to focus heavily on economic development, Ms Emily made clear that her government would focus on building a stronger culture within the federation and looking to expand. She made good on this promise within the first two years, recruiting several new members. She named a cabinet shortly thereafter, which served for her twelve-year term.

Many of her goals came to fruition, if not necessarily during her term, including naming a new Supreme Court, expelling old members, and selecting a new capital city. However, she was sidetracked by the Sri Kembangan court investigation, which took up significant federation resources and caused some minor dissent from Soviet membership.

Premier - Emily (Socialist Union of Farr)

Vice Premier - Andrew (Socialist Union of Maldka)

Foreign Affairs - Charlotte (Duchy of Napolette)

Defense - Snow (Snow)

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