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The Forty-Seventh Soviet Government lasted from 3320 to 3325. Andrew was elected leader on the first ballot. Ms Emily, who was premier during the previous government, declined to run for a second term (following along with her predecessors). Tony, Lego, and Andrew ran for leadership in 3320, in another blowout, with both Tony and Lego receiving approval ratings in the mid-40s.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Andrew Lego 88 per cent Not required
Lego Keppy 51 per cent Not required
Tony Emily 46 per cent Not required

Government Activity

In 3320 Andrew was elected leader of the Soviet Federation. His first accomplishments were expandig the size of the Soviet Federation by at least five member states. He was launching several new initiatives when he was suddenly struck ill in 3324. He appointed Emily as Acting Premier who in turn called an early election. This turn of events was unusual and garnered some criticism, namely from the Volusian Confederacy. A heated argument broke out between Keppy and Emily, ostensibly to be settled by an election.

Premier - Andrew (Socialist Union of Maldka)

Vice Premier - Ms Emily (Socialist Union of Farr)

Finance - Tony (Coastal Rock)

Foreign Affairs - Lego (Staraya)

Justice - Khome (People's Republic of Malizi)

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