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The Forty-Ninth Soviet Government lasted from 3337 until 3348. Tony was elected leader on the first ballot, becoming the first premier to be reelected consecutively during the league. Tony faced off against Jack who garnered nominal support on the part of his weak platform.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Tony Keppy 70 per cent Not required
Jack Lego 44 per cent Not required

Government Activity

For his second term, Tony continued working on his detailed platform. He appointed a strong cabinet composed of moderates, new and old. After his election he realised that he was a bit overextended and announced that he would not seek a third consecutive term. His focused remained on Soviet defense initiatives and pursuing a settlement with Sri Kembangan which ultimately went unfulfilled. At the end of Tony's two terms he stepped down in order to pursue a war with a belligerent neighbour.

Premier - Tony (Coastal Rock)

Finance - Jack (Alma)

Foreign Affairs - Lukem (Grand State of Bolkam)

Defense - Khome (Soviet Republic of Malizia)

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