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Following the 3282 Summit the Soviet Federation adopted a new constitution, forming a new type of government. The Forty-Fourth Soviet Government was the first of its kind, from 3284 to 3296. Tony was elected as its first leader after beating out previous long-time coleaders, provisional directors, and revolutionaries Devlin and Ms. Emily. Tony won the election on the first balot as Emily decided not to participate in a run-off. He was inaugurated to the post in March 3284


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Tony Keppy 63 per cent Not required
Emily Tony 52 per cent Not required
Devlin Lego 47 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Upon assuming office he first moved to survey member states about the overall welfare of the federation. In lieu of appointing a full cabinet, Tony only selected a foreign affairs advisor, naming Emily to the post. He filled the Supreme Court with two Arbitrator-Generals, as per the constitution. He selected Keppy in 3284 and Emily in 3288. Tony, perenially concerned with balancing budgets, also made attempts to increase the level of awareness of governments around issues like debt. His flagship legislation was the introduction of PEPA in 3291, which served to keep the focus on the economy. It was a rather controversial item, and combined with his strong push for expelling older members, Tony decided not to run for re-election in 3296.

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