The Forty-Fifth Soviet Government was the second of its kind, lasting from 3296 to 3308. Devlin was elected leader on the first ballot. The election was notable for Keppy's imfamous comments. After being nominated, she commented: "As flattered as I am by the nomination, my work is with the federal court. I have thus voted against myself in the hope that my opponents can continue to build a stronger federation". She finished in last place, though with an approval rating of over 50 per cent. Devlin was the clear winner of the election, and Lego decided not to challenge in a second ballot.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Devlin Keppy 61 per cent Not required
Lego Emily 56 per cent Not required
Keppy Andrew 53 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Devlin's inaugural speech was impressive and gave a clear indication of his govenrment's mission. "We have alot of work to do on economic, military and political reform no doubt comrades, not least of which for my own nation. But I believe most definitively that we can work together to get through this. I plan to run a strong centralised government I must let you all know. You all, as members of the soviet parliament individually must know this before I proceed as Premier. The government will be strong and powerful and i make no secret about it". He moved to appoint a third AG in the late 3290s, but ultimately failed to fill out the judicial branch.

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