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The Forty-Eighth Soviet Government lasted from 3325 until 3337. Tony was elected leader on the second ballot. Ms Emily, who was acting premier during the last months of the previous government, declined to run, meaning that this was the fifth consecutive open race. This election marked the first contest that required a second ballot. While Keppy won the first round, she ultimately failed to beat Tony in the second election.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Tony Keppy  66 per cent 53 per cent
Keppy Lego 70 per cent 47 per cent
Snow Emily 42 per cent -
Devlin Andrew 35 per cent -

Government Activity

In 3325 Tony came to power. He released the most detailed platform, claiming that he was in fact the only candidate to properly do so. This may explain why he fared well in the second election because Keppy did not formally release any platforms, only sparse statements about various policy positions.

Premier - Tony (Coastal Rock)

Finance - Emily (Socialist Union of Farr)

Foreign Affairs - Keppy (Volusian Confederacy)

Defense - Snow (Snow Confederation)

Interior - Jack (Alma)

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