Fornax Musica (GR) Location (Simcountry)

Fornax Musica in Lynx Minor continent

Fornax Musica is one of the 15 regions of Lynx Minor continent in Golden Rainbow.


The region is entirely situated in the east and north hemispheres.

The extreme points of Fornax Musica are 108 ºE and 134 ºE (2200 kms from east to west) and 30 ºN and 48 ºN, entirely in the sub-tropical and temperate zone of Golden Rainbow.


Fornax has 64 countries, 18 with presidents.


COnsiderable part of the population of almost 650 million inhabitants are concentrated in the inlands, however the most populous countries do not reach the 25 million inhabitants.

Most populous countries in Fornax Musica (Lynx Minor) in 3390
Rank Country Population
1 Bugur 22,200,000
2 Bambaro 22,000,000
3 Targon 21,500,000
4 Danubia 17,500,000
5 Froston 16,500,000
6 Salsa Ramman 15,600,000
7 Berlono 15,000,000
8 Medieval 14,100,000
9  Benninio 13,300,000
10 Materna Santa 13,000,000


Most of the climates are continental and subtropical with mild winters and hot summers.

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