People's Republic of Granda, most to have relations with the communist countries. Especially with satellite states of the Carmes Pact the regional economic and military organization for the communist states of Antilia Major continent.

Relations Edit

Carmes Pact

People's Republic of Adela

Marcencio Alzaro and Lujas Guerrada,3345

In 3335,A fought between the government and Unity Party of Adela(UPA) began to steadily intensified,the UPA was very unfavorable and almost to give up.But after Rojasio Alzaro known about this situation ,he contacted with Lujas Guerrada the General Secretary of UPA and sent troops and weapons to support the Adela Red Army,with the full support of Granda.Finally,the UPA have seized power and banished the old government from the country,And declared an establishment of People's Republic of Adela.After the political crisis Adela began to have more good interaction with Granda and joined the Carmes Pact in 3337.After the death of Rojasio Alzaro which believed that he was assassinated by the Pro-Tirano spy,Adela and the Carmes Pact announced the fully military aid to support Granda to subdue the rebels.

People's Republic of Perla

People's Republic of Suerta


People's Power Party

National Peoples Army