Since it's founding under Camilo Souza or Lord First, a skilled diplomat, The Imperial Union of Constantine has been in good relations with much of White Giant. Despite its political turmoil, and even civil wars, the government has always managed to protect it's people and Foreign Relations. Being the successor state to The Federal Republic of Brasil and The Yugobanian Empire, it maintains a high regard in the Union
SC Flag

The Flag of Imperial Constantine

Federation, (Brasil being a pupet state for Calzador, created the DAAFAR federation in Realmo Labana, Auriga Bella, White Giant in 2801 which became NATO in the 2820's, The USS in the 2900's and finally the Union.) and continues to have friendly relations with most of the membership. 

Within the Union

Country Ambassador Status Travel Advisories
The Grand State of Basilka Viki Grigori OPEN None
Aquitanian Empire Rorik Greymane OPEN


Ceres Autonomous Region Fabian Soto Interest Section None
Ruthenian Empire Leonidas Thales Open


Happy Hippy Empire Thermloces  Sevium Open


The Union of Universal Kim Ushida Open


Principality of Belka

Alejandro Castro Open



  1. Organization of Mutual Defense (OMD)
  • Union of Arendale
  • UCM

Special Relationships

Aquitanian-Constantino Cultural Bind

The Aquitanian Embassy in HavannaKonstantin was established early in the year 2840 by King Richard VII of Aquitania and by then General Davis leader of Yugobania. Post-Schism Aquitania has been represented in Constantine for nearly 400 years, eventhough Constantinian-Aquitanian establishment of relations date to the early 14th century through the Calzadorians, an official embassy was established in the year 1875, but was withdrawn when the Great Schism erupted 600 years later

The Constantino Embassy in Konigsberg was built orginally as an grand opera house in 2456, after the

Aquitanian Embassy

Aquitanian support during the War of Indepedence in 2899, it was coverted and renovated to house the Constantino delegation. Relations were doubled after General Davis IV stepped down and Camilo Souza became King, some 51 years later Prince Andres Souza and Princess Pauline Hohensteinburg married, sealing the relations between the two nations. It was after this point in time 2957, that the title of King became Emperor. As of today, there is over 300 towns and parks in Constatine named after many great Prussian and Aquitanians. 

Federal Republic of Erusea

Relations between the two were first introduced with the marriage of Prince Albert to Princess Ursula.,


Erusican Embassy in Constantinople

although Erusea is a democratic republic, the marriage was one of cultural founding. Queen Victoria and President Henry agreeded to establish formal relations in 3257. Along with Arendale, they have signed the OMD Treaty.

Union of Arendale

Due to cultural similarities, mututal defense and a desire for friendship, Constantine and Arendale both have established not only close cooperation in dealing with the ongoing insurgency in Alabasta, but the creation of the
59791 HaloMMO-ConceptArt-06

Arendalen Embassy in Griffindale

Organization of Mututal Defense, the formation of Griffindale and the economic ties. The Arendale have one embassy and five consulates in Constantine. 

The Republic of Mandar

Under Emperor Alexander I, Constantine and Mandar achived full diplomatic relations, using the Trafficante Center outside White Giant as a transportation go between, Mandar currently has an Embassy in Haldane, Constantine.

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