Sunrise in Florianopolis Harbour
Country Costa Berco  
 - Mayor Kara Coração
 - City Council Primar
 - Formation 2820 
 - City  
 - Urban 364,387 (3742) / 675,000 (3490)
 - Rank 2nd
Demonym Florianopolitans
geoTLD .wp

Florianopolis is the second largest city in Costa Berco. Florianopolis is one of the major fishing ports in Costa Berco. It is located to the north of the capital Porto Capital. The city was formerly known as Edson. According to January 3490 official estimates, Edson proper had a population of 675,000.


Founded in 2810 by the Scarletians, the city was under Scarlets control till the dissolution of that state in the end of the XXX century.

The former city of Edson had served as a base for travelers who went from Port Capital to Zaratrusta (Scarlet's Capital).

The village soon became a town because of the commerce it attracted and the fact that there were few settlements in West Yokistan.


Open Street Map for Porto Capital, Florianopolis can be seen in the northern most part.


Edson is located on the mouth river Ishim, at 33 ° 70'S 160 ° 20'E, with an area of 650 square kilometers.

The city lies to the north of Porto Capital and is surrounded by large plains with very fertile ground.


Edson has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). Average precipitation is high and regular throughout the year. Summer temperatures often rise above 32 °C (90 °F) and high levels of humidity make the season very muggy. Subtropical climate is a climate zone characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. Significant amounts of precipitation occur in all seasons in most areas. Most summer rainfall occurs during thunderstorms and an occasional tropical storm.

The city annual average temperature is 17 °C. The lowest recorded temperature is −3.2 °C while the highest is 41.2 °C. Sleet is a frequent winter occurrence. Snowfall is rare: flurries have been recorded 4 times but with no accumulation.


The municipality in its totality elects a mayor and a local council, which then name five primar, one for each sector. They deal more locally with administrative matters. Each sector claims a part of the city and several suburbs.

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