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The Fifty-Third Soviet Government was led by Keppy, who won the 3376 election in the greatest landslide in Soviet history. This was her fourth consecutive term during The Leauge setting another record for longest term in Soviet leadership, this time at 38 years.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Keppy Tony 54 per cent Not required
Mike Evad 46 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Keppy won a fourth consecutive term in a tight race against Mike. She changed up the cabinet except for Devlin whom Keppy left in the positive as Soviet Relations. Keppy appointed new ministers for defense and for finance hoping to continue to press toward efficient armies and economies.

Premier - Keppy (Volusian Confederacy)

Finance - Mike (Romanom)

Soviet Relations -  Devlin (Greenwood)

Defense - Snow (Snow Confederation)

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