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The Fiftieth Soviet Government was led by Keppy, who won the 3356 election in the greatest landslide in Soviet history. This was her third consecutive term during The Leauge setting a record for longest term in Soviet leadership at 28 years.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Keppy Emily 83 per cent Not required
Lego Tony 61 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Keppy managed re-election after a successful second term. She pushed through two controversial measures - the Citizenship Act and the Nuclear Protocols. She made a nominal change to the cabinet selecting Devlin as Soviet Relations and giving the Finance portfolio to Myon. Keppy was re-elected in the middle of a growing concern of war. In her platform she did not mention specific measures; however, she came out numerous times endorsing the notion of working toward mobilisation if necessary. Intelligence was sparse which made action difficult. Thankfully, Tony, who remained Defense Minister, stayed on top of the crisis.

Premier - Keppy (Volusian Confederacy)

Finance - Myon (United Tombre)

Soviet Relations -  Devlin (Greenwood)

Defense - Tony (Coastal Rock)

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