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The Fiftieth Soviet Government was led by Keppy, who won the 3356 election in the greatest landslide in Soviet history. This was her second term during The Leauge having been absent from Soviet leadership for over two centuries.


Candidate Nominated Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Keppy Tony 97 per cent Not required
Emily Lego 44 per cent Not required

Government Activity

In the greatest Soviet landslide ever, Keppy was re-elected to the post of premier. Her first act was to shuffle the cabinet, bringing in Mike and Devlin. Mike headed the still-new Soviet Relations department aiming to work toward recruitment and higher member engagement. This was established with the focus on the Soviet Citizenship Commission Report. Devlin was brought in to ask hard questions about the economy. He produced the White Paper on Economic Reform looking into the role of privatisation in the federation. This produced some significant conversation, ultiamtely resulting in a crisis of Soviet confidence with both Tony and Keppy threatening departures. The final item that occurred was the passing of the Nuclear Protocols in 3365, which had been a sticking point for Soviet relations for over a decade.

Premier - Keppy (Volusian Confederacy)

Finance - Devlin (Greenwood)

Soviet Relations -  Mike (Republic of Romanom)

Defense - Tony (Coastal Rock)

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