The Fifty-Fifth Soviet Government was led by Keppy, who won the 3396 election in the federations's first ever five-way contest. This was her sixth consecutive term during The Leauge setting yet another record for longest term in Soviet leadership, this time at 53 years. Rather surprisingly, she managed to win the election without going to a second ballot. This had not been expected by anyone beforehand.


Candidate Party Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Keppy Socialist Movement 55 per cent Not required
Mike Liberal Democrats 26 per cent Not required
Myon Independent 8 per cent Not required
Lego Independent 6 per cent Not required
Evad Independent 5 per cent Not required

Government Activity

Following the election

Premier - Keppy (Volusian Confederacy)

Finance - Myon (United Tombre)

Soviet Relations -  Zach (The Soviet Republic of Westam)

Defense - Tony (Coastal Rock)

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