The Fifty-Seventh Soviet Government followed the failed government that lasted between 3414 and 3424. The tense animosity between the Liberals and Violets resulted in a landslide win for the Socialist Movement. Green served his first term as premier, a member recruited during the glory days of the Third Keppian Period.


Candidate Party Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Green Socialist Movement 54 per cent not required
Emily Violets 26 per cent not required
Mike Liberal Democrats 20 per cent not required

Government Activity

Green started his term by selecting both an entirely new cabinet and a new supreme court. Both were necessary, according to him, to transition away from the disasters of the previous term.

Premier - Green (Caraden)

Foreign Affairs - Zach (Soviet Republic of Westam)

Domestic Affairs - Emily (Socialist Union of Farr)

Finance - Devlin (Kingdom of Greenwood)

Defense - Tony (Coastal Rock)

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