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Federation Of Covornia
Federatas Ut Covena
Motto: We Protect Our Country
Anthem: God Save The President

Covornias English: Gast Dunt Fors Presadent

 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Lacerta  
 - Region Scorfu  
 - Capital West Lostra  
 - Largest city East Lostra  
Official languages Covornias English
Regional Languages Natasish, Shaelsts English, Lostser
Ethnic groups 87%   White Covornians
  10%   White British
  2%   Destrasian
  1%   Goter
Demonym Covornian
Religion None (Illegal to be in a religion)
Government Constitutional Semi-Presidency Monarchy
 - King Chalensta Georga
 - President Johnsa Noat
Legislature House Of The Federation
 - Upper house Federation's Senate 
 - Lower house Federation's Doctemas 
 - Formation AD 979 
 - Kingdom Of Lostra 561-670 
 - Roman Occupation 671-847 
 - Revolution Of The Covornians 848-905 
 - Covornian Empire 905-1002 
 - Federation Of Covornia 1002-1936 
 - Communist Federation Of Covornia 1937-1989 
 - Federation Of Covornia Reborn 1989-2009 
 - Destrasian State Revolution 2009-Present Day 
 - Total 11,024,289 (Source: Covornia Press)  
 - Total 97,430  
 - Percentage N/A%  
 - Total SC$78,478,468 
 - Production per capita SC$ 
 - Federation None
 - Common Market None
 - Empire None
Nominal Value US$3.87
Currency Covornia Dollar
Internet TLD .covsa.fed
Date Format DD/YY/MM
Drives on the Right
URL [N/A Covornia] in Simcountry.


The Federation Of Covornia, is a huge state on the Continent of Lacerta.

Covornia is lightly bombarded with the Destrasian State, a illegal state in Covornia, the Destrasian State resembles the Islamic State. As there are only 220 thousand Destrasians and only half of that are part of the Destrasian State, Covornia is on the verge of succeeding this war on the Destrasian State.

Covornia works on it's own year system, the Covornast System Of Time, but the Government will be adopting the "Everyone Elses System Of Time" - Dean Noat on 2nd 2016 April.

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