The Security Council of Fearless Blue

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List of Security Council members on Fearless Blue

Updated: 26 Jun 2014

Term Ends President Leader Country
30 September 2014 Ruthless
23 July 2014 Watch4me
29 July 2014 Alterd Carbon
31 July 2014 Stephen Ryan
29 July 2014 Jackseptic
27 June 2014 Serpent
28 June 2014 Mr Burns
1 August 2014 Prest0n
31 July 2014 boutthat44
24 July 2014 SirSmokesAlot
27 June 2014 Calvinstack
22 August 2014 ElCapitano
13 August 2014 prizepack
3 August 2014 Real BK
23 July 2014 badlucklover

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