Enrico Poli
Born 28 of July, 3150, Panaghia
Died 3220, Auronopolis
Profession Teacher, Historian
Interests history, diplomacy, humanism, and Languages
Titles Director of St. Stephanos University
Noble Family Poli

Enrico Poli (3150-3220) was a Ruthenian historian and one of the few in Parsian especialization in the empire, his contributions was fundamental during the Enosis to understand and comprehend different Parsian customs and culture.

Poli born in Panaghia and rapidly noted for his greedy knowledge, entered the University of San Stefano and graduated with honors, he specialized in ancient history, especially in Persian history, wrote several treatises on architecture, culture and history of Persian culture, where his doctoral thesis "Persians icons comprising" explained the origin of the ancient Persian religion and its influence on behavior and decayed empire

died at seventy years of skin cancer

Notable Books

  •  ‘’Economic expansion in the Kormenian Kingdom 1900–2300’’

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