The index is a measure for employment in the country. It is higher and closer to 100 if employment in the country is good. At 90 to 95 it is very good. Higher employment levels are hard to achieve but possible. If the country has many corporations and the education system is well tuned to produce the professionals needed in the economy, employment numbers of 98% are possible and have been seen in some countries. The employment level is an important index and counts heavily in the country score. If employment is good, there is a high probability that other indexes are also strong. High unemployment will increase the cost of social security. It means that the economy is not running optimally and that income from corporations may be low too.

Percentage Unemployed

This is the percentage of workers who are unemployed. The more people that are unemployed, the more the country pays for social security. In addition, unemployed people reduce the level of confidence in the economy and lower the general welfare. High unemployment results in lower score. The employment percentage is a strong factor in the country score.

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