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In 3520 FedSA proposed legislation that would allow the council to dissolve itself, leading to elections. Evad introduced the legislation because he wanted to reaffirm the superiority of the council as the governing organ of the Soviet Federation during the The Duplex. The original document was amended by input from Independents and Vanguards before being passed into law.


"Recognising the council as the supreme legislative authority in the federation, this refrom seeks to set parameters for council to order a general election. Whereas the premier has held the legal right to call elections in the past, it is imperative that the council be able to force an election as well by simple majority. This legislation will grant the Adanac Chair the right to introduce a dissolution motion. Provided that this motion is supported by a simple majority, the government can fall and new elections planned. As a result, elections for both legislative and executive branch will be scheduled with no delay."

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