Education is essential to the country as it delivers professionals needed for the industry. A strong educational system will deliver large numbers of medical staff, teachers, university-teachers and high-tech staff.

If you want to grow your economy as fast as possible, you will need to build more corporations and make them work more effectively so that they may produce with less staff and be more profitable. As a result, they will need more high-level staff.

Your defense too will need more officers who are recruited from the group of medium level managers but these are also essential for your industry. Building a large army will require more medium level managers to roll out of your education system.

In short, schools, both elementary and high schools are important. Universities too, are essential and contribute to the quality and numbers of high-level professionals.

We advise you try to increase the number of schools, high schools and universities to the recommended levels as shown on the education pages and even beyond. An education index of 120 will be sufficient but at 150 to 200, the education system will be able to support a very fast growing economy.

Schools and Universities
But schools and universities themselves need enough workers. If you focus first on building corps or the military, there probably won't be enough workers for any more schools and universities.

It's more effective to postpone expansion of your corps, military, and hospitals until you raise the Education Index to at least 100.

Education Priorities
You can influence the education system and make it educate professionals in areas you need them. It takes time to train them and you should set these priorities in advance. The education priorities are shown as numbers. The total of these numbers should be 120 or more. A total lower than 120, reduces the number of graduates from your schools. A total higher than 120 does not influence the number of graduates.