East Yokistan
East Yokistan Republic
The Republic of Tarra Marvell

Anthem: Hymno
[[Image: |270x280px|center| East Yokistan's localization.]]
 - World Golden Rainbow  
 - Continent Lacerta  
 - Region Berco Yok  
 - Capital Silver  
 - Largest city Silver (945,297)  
Official languages Portuguese

(de facto)

Regional Languages
Ethnic groups 74%   East Yokistanis
  10%   Yokistanis
  11%   Indigenous
Demonym East Yokistani
Government Democracy
Legislature Parliament
 - Upper house  
 - Lower house  
 - Formation 2280 
 - Scarlet Ocupation of Saint Veronika June, 2721 
 - Announced Independence December, 2998 
 - Recognized Independence December, 3303 
 - Total 11,160,517 (3390)  
 - Total 0  
 - Percentage 100%  
 - Total SC$ 
 - Production per capita SC$ 
 - Federation [[{{{fed}}}]]
 - Common Market [[ ]]
 - Empire [[ ]]
Nominal Value US$ 
Currency WB$
Internet TLD .ey
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the right
URL East Yokistan in Simcountry.

East Yokistan, officially Republic of Tarra Marvell is a country located on the planet of Golden Rainbow and the northern coast of Berco Yok region in Lacerta Continent. It is the forer Republic of Saint Veronika, a protectorate of Scarlet Police State. East Yokistan maintains strong economic and social ties with the neighboring Yokistan, both are part of irredentism Yokistani, which imagines the formation of a great nation in Berco Yok, called the Great Yokistan.


Northern Berco Yok was originally inhabited by Lacertians. Yokins began encroaching the region in the 5th century, possibly earlier. They became the dominant ethnic group of there.

In the 26th century, the Scarlet Police State occupied the region that became known as Saint Veronika. The occupation lasted until the end of the XXIX century, when the Scarlet state dissolved and the region gained independence.

Geography and Climate


Former Scarlet Police State Area.

Yokistan borders the East Gulf of Lacerta (to the north), with a total of 130 km of coastline. Its extension from North to South is 192 km, from west to east is 330 km. It is bounded on the west by Yokistan; Centron at east, Ocean aan Koko Bess at North and Aysha and the United Rebublic at south.

Most of East Yokistan is a rolling plain. The country itself has flat plains on its eastern, northern, and western edges. The narrow coastal plain is sandy and marshy, occasionally broken by shallow lagoons.

Located entirely within the temperate zone, East Yokistan has a humid subtropical climate that is fairly uniform nationwide. Seasonal variations are pronounced, but extremes in temperature are rare. As would be expected by its abundance of water, high humidity and fog are common. The absence of mountains, which act as weather barriers, makes all locations vulnerable to high winds and rapid changes in weather as fronts or storms sweep across the country. Weather is sometimes humid.


East Yokins are an ethnic North Yok people.

East Yokistan's 3390 census reported a population about 11,100,000 people. Its rate of population growth is about 0,2% per year.

According to the 3390 census the major city are Greater Silver with almost 1,000,000 people.

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