East Germany
German Democratic Republic
Deutsche Demokratische Republik
East German Flag East german coat
Motto: Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!
"Workers of the world, unite!"
Anthem: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
"Risen from Ruins"
 - World White Giant  
 - Continent Eridana  
 - Region South Kadmon  
 - Capital East Berlin  
 - Largest city East Berlin  
Official languages German
Regional Languages Sorbian (only in parts of Dresden and Cottbus districts)
Ethnic groups 91.5%   German
  2.4%   Turkish
  0.7%   Italian
  0.4%   Greek
  5%   other
Demonym German
Religion State Atheism
Government Marxist-Leninist Single Party Socialist State
 - General Secretary Walter Ulbricht
 - Head of State Walter Ulbricht
 - Head of Government Walter Ulbricht
Legislature Volkskammer
 - Upper house Länderkammer 
 - Lower house Länderkammer 
 - Formation March 3424 
 - Total 30,828,688  
 - Total State Secret  
 - Percentage State Secret%  
 - Total SC$State Secret 
 - Production per capita SC$State Secret 
 - Federation WarPac (Warsaw Pact)
 - Common Market Warsaw Pact
 - Empire German Democratic Republic
Nominal Value US$State Secret
Currency Deutsche Mark
Internet TLD .dd
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the right
URL East Germany in Simcountry.

 East Germany, or the German Democratic Republic, is a country located on White Giant. The country is home to more than 30 million citizens. The capital and largest city is East Berlin, with a population of 1.7 million people, and a metro population of 3.4 million. The nation enjoys not having any national debt, with great national healthcare and education. Its transportation network is one of the biggest for a country its size.


After the last World War, Germany was divided amongst the victors, with the Western allies recieving the western part of the country, while the Soviet Union occupied the eastern part of the country. The capital city, Berlin, was also divided between them, with the Western allies occupying the western half of the city, and the Soviet Union occupying the eastern half. In Earth year 1948, the Soviet Union attempted to oust the Western powers from West Berlin by establishing a land blockade. The United States responded by flying in and out of West Berlin with supplies, including food, fuel, clothes, etc. This continued for a year, until the USSR decided to stop because the blockade wasn't working.

In Earth year 1961, East German and Soviet officials put up a wall between the western and eastern sector of Berlin, creating a wall that continues here to this day.


Most of Germany's population consists of ethnic Germans, with them accounting for over 90 percent of the population of nearly 31 million people. There is no religion, due to national policies of state atheism. The overwhelming majority of citizens speak German as their native language.



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