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The Economic Advice Act

Rankings 3505

The rankings of the member states that responded are as follows:

Country Tier System Ranking
The Republic of Ossory 1 AAA
Staraya 1 AAA
The Socialist Union of Mandarr 1 AAA
The Republic of Romanam 1 AAA
Imperial Union of Gaia 1 AAA
Estovakia 1 A
Central and Rezalanist Volusia 2 AAA
Caraden 2 AAA
Kingdom of Greenwood 2 AAA
La Republica del Eranti 2 AAA
The Republic of White Highlands 2 AAA
The State of Tenebris 1 AA
Second Republic of Vaudreuil 1 A
Winterfall 1 A
Aflac Nation 1 A
United Tombre 1 AA
The Peoples Republic of Malizi 1 AAA
Soviet Empire of the Leaf 1 AAA
West and Central Volusia* RIP 1 AAA
The Empire of Randosa 1 AA
The Soviet Republic of Westam 1 N
United Republic of Amorea 1 AAA

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