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Transcript for 3525 Debate

Andrew: There are many paths for this fed to go down. What the vanguards hope to accomplish is to get EVERY fed member involved and active in government somehow. also i believe this fed has the potential to be so much larger. We can truly become a mega fed if we all put our brains together. we can create a kebir red, that is the Vanguard dream. I have already started working on the dream by passing the unification act and create soviet chapter feds

Mike: This great federation has had centuries worth of history. In 3526, we've evolved a lot since the early days. We've created a wonderful system where everyone can be involved, and I know the future of this great federation will hold even better prospects. However, to harness the true power of this federation to expand its might, we need a strong leader. If reelected I will ensure the future of this great federation will be better. and bigger. This federation will grow and grow and grow with new members and new ideas. We'll also refocus on economics, ensuring that we have a stable common market, and 2 profitable enterprises. As for military might, the CDU and I have made it clear how much we believe in a strong military. We passed a multi partisan bill this term that would ensure all Soviet's would have equal protection against potential threats. The future of this federation lies in this leadership, and today I will be talking about how I can be that leader. How I can help the future of this federation by growing it, by stabilizing it's economy, and by increasing its political presence.

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Volt: It has been FedSA's agenda since the beginning to focus on a sustainable balance of power. This central idea is at the heart of the relationship between government and membership, council and premier, military and the economy. FedSA has proven to be cool and collected and part of rational discussion in this federation. We are proud of the hard work of our opponents in the Vanguards and the CDU and recognise that nothing will be built in this federation without wide consultation. Thanks

Lego: thanks to the introductories

Lego: let's move to 5 debate TOPICS... you determine for yourself

Andrew: Economics, military and federation expansion, CM merger,

Lego: Economic Development, Common Market (separate from econ), recruiting, legislation, military issues

Andrew: thats 3

Mike: At the end let's take questions from the audience.

Andrew: sounds good lego

Lego: we go in order but there will not be question so it will be free-flow

Lego: let us start with economic development. I WILL NOT TALK DURING DEBATE UNLESS I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS GO OFF TOPIC

Andrew: i will start again

Volt: go ahead comrade

Andrew: It is the Vanguard ideal to create economic stability in the common market. if elected id appoint a STRONG bipartisan cabinet. Do you really want to vote for a party that appointed a finance minister who had a A ranking abd couldnt build fed corps in his country? how is that strong leadership? I will apoint mike and Green to run the CM and enterprise. Economic issues are def nonpartisan in the vanguard opinion. and as premier i will hold ECONOMIC meetings to discuss how to grow the federation economy

Mike: The CDU's main goal is to make a strong Soviet economy, and we've done that. In my administration, I appointed Devlin to the finance ministry so he could manage the CM, not the enterprises. Now as for his economy, he is just going through a rough patch. But that's not really the point. Andrew and the Vanguards are trying to cover up their own backgrounds. During Khome's administration, I saw little to no enterprise activity. Under Andrew before the duplex, it was the same thing. I have made it a priority to ensure that every Soviet nation has had the economic help they need to grow. Under my administration, the enterprises have exponentially grown, and have actually lent out money. We've bought shares in nearly every member state's public corporations. The CDU and I have led the way on growing the Soviet economy and the Soviet enterprises. That should be clear.

Volt: If elected, I will ensure that the cabinet is not bipartisan, but rather non-partisan. I aim to make this happen by allowing all members to participate and by not picking talent based on any party principle. I will state that the Vanguards and CDU both have a decent track record but that FedSA has a firm record from 3500 to 3507. We've also contributed significantly to cabinet since the start of the duplex

Volt: I'm also, for the record, I'm rather disappointed that FedSA keeps getting cut out of all accomplishments with all this talk of 'bipartisanship' rather than a more inclusive multipartisanship

Andrew: Under my tenure as premier before the duplex i increased the number of fed public corps by 5 corps, built cash reserves and i also bought shares in many fed states. so saying we did nothing to grow the fed economy is not correct. and you make a good point volt..

Mike: Wait, a decent track record. Under my administration, my cabinet has done more than almost any other in the duplex era. Look at the enterprises. They are putting more out onto the common market than any other administration. As for my cabinet, I looked for talent, beyond party lines. I put Andrew as my Minister of Governmental Affairs, and he has done an amazing job at getting datacommons done. I picked independents like Satomi.

Mike: If you look at the enterprises today, you will see a drastic change from the days of a FedSA or Vanguard government. I am building new corporations, almost EVERY day. These corporations feed almost 90 percent of their production onto the Common Market.

Andrew: thank you mike i was wondering if anyone ever really looked at the datacommons. we should move on to the next topic unless volt has anymore comments. we are all making great points and this is rather intense lol

Volt: during the first duplex government Dave picked a cabinet that represented all parties AND an independent. Not that this should be required, but the choices were made DESPITE party lines, not to be politically correct. Were I to be named premier I would name someone with strong finance skills to the post of finance department, clearly the most important position in the executive, even more important than premier to some extent

Volt: I will also point out that the Datacommons project is immensely important in this federal structure.... I stand by the hard work done by the Vanguards in this respect. Let's keep that up

Volt: I have nothing further to add

Andrew: niether do i so whats the next topic lego?

Mike: An inclusive government is what I've strived, negotiation with all parties and all independents. Just look at my record and you will see the inclusiveness I have created and the great Soviet enterprises and economy I have helped to maintain.

Mike: I'm done as well.

Andrew: common market?

Andrew: i will start

Lego: very good, the common market merger

Volt: I'll start

Andrew: okay volt go for it

Volt: To clarify, my comrade in council voted against the measure to initiate a conversation because he felt that it was such a significant federal undertaking that it be discussed and settled by way of the upcoming election

Volt: in spirit we were ambivalent about being made to decide on this immediately BEFORE an election and that is why the vote was cast against

Volt: I will allow others to speak and I will write up my case

Andrew: The vanguards believe and negotiations with the Unique need to involve the entire fed common market membership. As premier i will message the unique to get their exact terms for a merger. as premier instread of letting just the council vote on such an improtant issue i would take it up in a public referndum and let the entire membership vote.

Mike: I proposed common market merger, not because it was easy, but because it would be good for all of our economies. The easy way out would be to let the next government handle it, and let the next council work on it. I pushed for this measure because it would begin a lengthy process. I'm not saying it would be easy, but I am saying we should do it. I've led the charge on economics, on legislative issues, and now I ask for the Soviet membership's support in leading the charge on a common market merger.

Mike: Now as for a public referendum, if a member has an objection and would like to use his or her constitutional right in order to veto it with a second on the council, I would support one.

Andrew: every member in the common market should be able to vote on such a big issue. i mean thats democracy right?

Volt: I disagree with the CDU notion that because the policy will require a longer timeline that that necessarily means we start sooner. I think that's a rushed mentality and that frightens me. Looking back you'll remember that FedSA stands for sustainability

Andrew: as do the vanguards. we need clear goals for this merger.

Andrew: and EVERYONE needs to be involved in the process

Mike: I abousltuley agree that everyone needs to be involved.

Andrew: meetings with the unique need to be public. like this one

Mike: And I've made sure that everyone is involved, by letting everyone know what's goiing on.

Volt: If I were elected premier I would name someone to be the lead on handling the merger, and this person would be responsible back to not only me as premier, but also to the council, and to general membership

Mike: Now for the record, there have not been any formal meetings with the Unique, because they are still discussing with their own members. I have simply asked them what they thing, and they are getting back to me on that fact.

Andrew: but you dont support a common market referndum on the issue?

Mike: I do support one, if a member has a substantial objection and wants to use the constitutionally-guarent​eed way.

Volt: I agree that it should go before a referendum, yes

Volt: regardless

Mike: I have read the constitution and I support it, and I will follow it to the letter.

Volt: council should clearly vote on it as well, but it should be affirmed

Andrew: exactly volt.

Volt: I can see what Mike is saying

Volt: though I'm not about to stage a vote against in order to follow constitutional protocol

Volt: a referendum, up to this point, has not been used

Volt: in this case, I feel as though the question before us is significant enough to warrant its employment

Richard RSFSR: Can I pose a question on the idea of a merger?

Mike: I would support a referendum as long as it is through the constitutional protocol.

Mike: Of course Richard.

Lego: of course

Volt: Mike I agree with you up to that point, comrade

Richard RSFSR: if unique are up for a merger and merger discussions have come to a will we won't we, do each of you intend putting a merger vote to the membership?

Andrew: as do i but this is such a big issue. and whats the question?

Andrew: i intend too.

Mike: I intend on putting the vote to the membership as long as the constitutionally mandated ways are followed. I quote: "If an ordinary member wishes to propose a bill, change an existing law or wishes to have council vote devolved to a membership referendum then he must publicly propose as such a have the support of another member of the federation (a seconder). Through this way the entire membership may have a say and a vote on the matter at hand."

Mike: If anyone would like to veto, and a council member seconds it, I would support any referendum on any bill.

Mike: I think we're diving into the extreme details of such a merger, let's talk about the big picture. Let's talk about the big ideas and the big dreams the CDU has helped bring forward and help the federation achieve. If elected I will personally neogotiatie with any Unique leaders to ensure that we get a fair deal, that will be profitable for all.

Volt: I agree with Andrew

Andrew: if im elected i will hold open council meetings with the Unique for a transperant process the entire membership can witness too

Volt: however, Mike is right about the question of this being quite far down the line and not something we should be overly focused on right now

Volt: I disagree Andrew

Mike: This common market merger will help every single Soviet economy, every single Soviet corporation, and every single Soviet nation. I brought this idea up because it was a good idea. It may be a hard one to accomplish, and it may be a long proces, but if the process will bear fruit, this federation should take the burden of going through it.

Andrew: i agree mike

Volt: I think the first step should be to hold private meetings with limited people in order to establish general feel, aftwards it will be necessary to hold wider consultation

Andrew: well mike has already done that

Andrew: once the unique gets back with him elections should be over and we can move on to open meetings

Mike: Of course, I completley agree.

Volt: I think that process should continue at greater length

Mike: I proposed this big idea, and I will see it through to the very end, to ensure that all members can have their input.

Volt: with the liaison from both the SovECON and from the CM going back and forth to their constitutuents

Andrew: and if im elected mike would of course be on my cabinet to aid in the CM merger and other economic affairs.

Volt: I have to brb by the way.. should be 5 min

Andrew: okay ima go smoke real quick

Mike: The CDU is the party of big ideas and big dreams. We have undertaken every big task and we have persevered till the very end. We fought for a military bill which eventually received multi-partisan support. We helped bring accountability and transparency to the enterprises by releasing frequent updates. Now the CDU will help guide the federation toward a CM merger. We have the track record of getting things done, and we have the record of ensuring that the things we get done will be good quality. You can trust us and our record.

Mike: Alright, perhaps a short intermission?

Richard RSFSR: Ok

Andrew: im back

Volt: back

Volt: haha

Volt: sure everyone take 3 minutes

Andrew: awesome next topic? i have no futher comments

Lego: very good

Andrew: recuritment should be next

Andrew: should i start?

Mike: Actually can I go first this tim?

Andrew: go for it buddy

Lego: yes recruit and Mike can go first is good share

Mike: Recruitment should never take a backseat to domestic affairs. Recruiting new members brings fresh ideas and future leaders to this federation, so that we can continue to evolve and improve over time. However, recruiting is never a very politically triumphed subject. It never really gets the attention of the public. My policy for recruitment is to work with my cabinet and the Soviet membership to find new members. I have sent out recruiting messages to nations near me, and I encourage each and everyone of you to do the same. If reelected I will ensure that recuriting continues, even with a common market merger at the spotlight.

Andrew: if elected i will ensure a big soviet presence on the forum and will message other players on kb. remember when i was premier under the socialist union of maldka? i had recurited 5 members during that tenure so long ago, i dont think any other premier has recruit so many by hisself. if elected growing this federation will be my number 1 goal.

Volt: I do believe that recruitment is key however engagement of current membership should be a more significant priority

Andrew: of course volt

Volt: If I were elected I would ensure that recruitment was conducted, but I would allocate more resources to actively helping the quiet and new get involved

Andrew: but ive noticd there is hardly a soviet presence in the fourm and that is unnacceptable

Mike: See I remember when I just started on Kebir Blue.

Mike: I found the Soviet Federation on the forum.

Volt: I think our system is intimidating and prevents some people from taking on leadership roles because they don't want to fail

Volt: the forum is an excellent place to recruit

Andrew: it is rather intimidating but thats part of the fun. part of the fun is the challange

Mike: We need to expand our recruiting efforts, and make it more attractive to join us. We need to make our economy, our military, and our political presence the best of the best to make it attractive to prospective members.

Andrew: i believe we are all in agreement on that

Volt: indeed, while I think we all agree about the importance of the package, I stand oppositional to you in that my focus would be on those on the inside rather than excessively on attempting to recruit

Mike: I have touted our supbert common market and federation enterprises to prospective recruits. I tell them of our system of democracy and of multi partisan debate. I fear that if we do not capitalize on our enterprise and economic benefits, we will lose out on new recruits.

Andrew: we have so many great potential leaders in this federation and the Vanguards have always made it a point to reach out to new members so they can really get involved in the politcal process with the help of the vanguard party

Volt: those inside our borders should be a priority and I have been privately messaging many in our fed who are quiet. I want to encourage their participation

Mike: I think that's the same with every party, including the CDU and FedSA.

Andrew: probably is but i was not sure

Andrew: i have no further comments regarding recuriment

Mike: I have presided over some of the most active periods in Soviet history. All of our inboxes have been full of new messages talking about new ideas and new plans for the future. I've spoken to the new members and gotten them involved in our political system.

Mike: If you want activity and recruitment, vote for me.

Richard RSFSR: You have two more subjects before vote for me statements! legislation then Military issues.

Andrew: in regards to legislation i have no comment other than i will stay out of council affairs and let democracy work. i will act as a moderator during council sessions and ensure we stay on topic and on task if you want a leader thats reliable and always present at meetings vote vanguard

Lego: this is satisfactory

Lego: next is legilsation

Volt: while I believe that the vanguards believe in council supremacy, FedSA believes in symbiosis. The council and premier reinforce one another but have very different roles. If elected I will leave legislation to Dave and his council affiliates. I instead will be focused on managing and working transparently with my cabinet. I will hold cabinet meetings that will be open door and we will work collaboratively to figure out how to handle problems before the fed

Andrew: we vanguards to believe in the supremacy of the council and democracy

Mike: Well I think we all know that the CDU is an active player in legislation. We proposed the Emergency Relief Act to ensure all member states would have access to relief supplies if disaster strikes. We also successfully negotiated the multi partisan Military Bill which set the stage for a more secure Soviet federation. Both of these bills took serious thought, effort, and negotiation. They both were quite controversial at the time, and took many meetings between parties and independents to pass. The legislative efforts of the council should be and will be guided by public and premier influence.

Andrew: green will be handling all the vanguard legislation next tenure

Mike: We perservered till the very end for both of the legislation the CDU proposed. We are very proud of that fact.

Andrew: since he is the new party leader. the vanguards have a record of passing improtant legislation like the EAA, datacommons, and we worked hard with the cdu to propose a good qualitly military bill

Volt: it is evident to me that all parties have contributed to new policies and that the spirit cooperation is alive and well in the soviet federation

Andrew: i forgot to mention the unification act also

Volt: FedSA has created unisov as well as the eletoral reform, both in the last 5 years

Mike: But I think the CDU has had the most big ideas for the federation and for federation laws. We need visionary leadership that will help guide the federation.

Volt: if the CDU has been so instrumental in legislation then it should focus on the council

Andrew: that is a matter of opinon mike and has no basis in fact

Satomi joined the chat

Andrew: hey satomi!

Andrew: hows it going buddy?

Satomi: Good morning, comrades!

Lego: hey Satomi!

Andrew: very glad you are here!!

Lego: you should have be moderator of debate 

Mike: Morning comrade!

Andrew: mike dont forget green who proposed the consitutional reform and the council system.

Mike: Well legislation and legislative influence and power comes both from the preimer and the council. Thy both have a role to play. The CDU has been instrumental in legislative negotiations and helped bring new innovative ideas to the federation.

Andrew: your recent statement is unfounded and we should move on to next topic

Lego: final topic - military

Lego: this should be very very short

Andrew: who wants to start?

Mike: You can i guess

Andrew: as premier, i will host the signing of willing member states to the new military bill and award the fist soviet military honour medals. As premier i will appoint Satomi to aid memebr states in building up military forces and we should hold meetings to discuss a federation pvp strategy if the worst case scenerio ever happens

Volt: I have nothing to say on this topic, other than to congratulate Mike and Andrew on coming to a sound compromise on the item. I'm glad that all parties and independents were able to camly and rationally discuss this. I would like to state that FedSA and independents both provided a background context that was conciliatory to let this compromise eventually happen

Mike: The CDU and the Vanguards helped pass the Military Bill with votes from both FedSA and independnets. If anything happens we will be ready. I will appoint a experienced military "veteran" to ensure that our defences are the best of the best.

Volt: very good

Andrew: as premier i will probably appoint 2 experience war vets. khome and satomi are the most knowledgable in opinon. if im elected i will form a federation defense comittie

Volt: I am satisfied with this debate

Andrew: its been intense comrades

Volt: I oppose a committee on defense, that is rather overbearing

Volt: I would appoint an apt minister

Mike: IT certainly has. And for all those that missed it, I will be putting transcirpts on the wiki.



Andrew: its just really a symbollic act naming the go to people for war advice

Richard RSFSR: It's been an interesting debate and there are many areas of agreement and one where there is clear disagreement and differences in approach.

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