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Crowned Republic of Virginia
Motto: Sic Temper Tyranis
Anthem: {{{anthem}}}
 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Centura Donna  
 - Region Austral Bergo  
 - Capital Richmond  
 - Largest city Richmond  
Official languages English
Regional Languages {{{Regional_Languages}}}
Ethnic groups 95.2%   White
Demonym Virginian
Religion Christian
Government Aristocratic republic
Legislature Virginia General Assembly
 - Upper house Senate 
 - Lower house House of Burgesses 
 - Formation July 19, 3843 
 - Joined Federation Feb. 7, 3859 
 - Total 60,773,000  
 - Total 102,000  
 - Percentage 41%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation Kebir Blue League
 - Common Market Gold Sea Trade
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
Nominal Value US$71.83
Currency Aureus
Internet TLD {{{Internet_TLD}}}
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the right
URL [{{{url}}} Virginia] in Simcountry.


Situated on Centura Donna in the Austral Bergo region the Crowned Republic of Virginia has a rich history and enjoys one of the more developed and stable economies on Kebir Blue. Virginia was a founding member of the Kebir Blue League. Despite it's northern location the climate is equable and fairly warm as it is predominately influenced by the warm Zephyros Current.

Name: For state of Virginia in U.S. which is for Elizabeth I, called Virgin Queen


Founded: July 19, 3843

Capital: Richmond

Entered Federation: Feb. 7, 3859 (founding member)

Motto: Sic semper tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants)

Emblems & Symbols

Bird: Cardinal

Beverage: Milk


Fish: Brook Trout


Song: Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

Tree: Maple


Location: central Centura Donna, Austral Bergo region (the Prime Meridian runs thru the country.)

Boundaries: to the North, Gaia to the East, Gold Sea to the SouthEast

Total Land Area:


Comparative area:

Land use: 17% arable land, 70% forest, 4% pasture, 10% other

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