The councillor term bill is a piece of legislation proposed by Philip of The Republic of White Highlands to the Soviet Federation.It's purpose is to extend the term of councillors in respect to the term of premier. The bill is the legislative evolution of the Councillor Term Proposal submitted previously. If passed, because the bill refines the Third Soviet Constitution a popular vote during a refurendum will be required to pass the law.

Councillor Term Bill

The bill proposes that the length of term for all councillors be extended in comparison to the term of the premier. The precise length of the new concillor term will not be exactly defined, however there will be maximum of 2 governments or 24 years. In such case elections for both premier and council will take place at irregular intervals, although on some occassions simultaneously when both are up for determination. If a councillor wishes to step down or resign from his position, a council election must be called to determine the next arrangement of councillors.

The bill overall proposes:

  • That the default length of council terms be expanded to a maximum of two premier terms or alternatively 24 years.
  • The elections for new council terms to be held at irregular intervals in comparison to premier.
  • That if any councillor resigns or is incapable of conducting their duty. A new council election is to be called and handelled by the Supreme Court.

Once passed, the bill then be taken to popular a popular refurendum vote. Where the nature of electoral and constituional reform call for a membership refurendum on the vote. The intention is that if it is passed through refurendum, the change would come into effect at the start of the next government.

Additional Notes

After the proposal was initially put forwards, a committee was established to discuss and scrutinise the nature of electoral reform and it's effects on governance. The intention for implentation of the bill is that after a council vote, the bill will be put forwards in a popular refurendum for all members to decide.

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