The Constantinian-Chernarussian War (Locally known as the War of the Lotus Succession) started out as a civil war within the United Kingdom of Chernarus and Alessia, Constantine intervened after several incursions into northwestern Alabasta. The Alabastan Thing declared a Punitive Invasion was to be launched, which resulted in the Alabastan National Police to launch an expedition. However after about a week, the expeditionary force was ambushed and forced to fall back, Prime Minster Makaveli then authorized Constantinian Legions to invade Chernarus to put down the rebellion.



Notable Commanders


The Chernarussian Troops immediately sided with The Constantinian Legion, a young officer in the invasion force, Attila, wishing to appease the Emperor and earn a reputation for himself, formed with permission from Emperor Philip I, an massive nomadic army known as the Magyar, or moving sand, named   because of Attila’s brilliant and  daring maneuver known as the Shower.

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