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After the sucessful 7-0 member referundum vote passing and ratifying the Common Market Treaty, Minister of Finance and Governmental Affairs, Mike, prepared this implemntation strategy paper. 

Membership of SovECON

18 countries, 6 enterprises (2 Soviet owned)

Name Member Type
Soviet RSFSR Country 
Soviet GSSR Country 
Kingdom of Greenwood Country 
Republic of Berlingo Country 
Republic of Diantha Country 
Republic of Mundair Country 
Republic of Marada Country 
First Republic of Mandarr Country 
Republic of Nabatto Country 
Republic of Mindanoa Country 
Central and Rezalanist Volusia Country 
West and Central Volusia Country 
Caraden Country 
Soviet Empire of the Leaf  Country 
The Peoples Republic of Malizi Country 
The Fifth Ossorian Republic Country 
La Republica del Eranti Country 
The Republic of Romanam Country 
Malizian INTL Syndicate Enterprise 
SFIA Enterprise 
SFDF Enterprise 
Romanam Enterprises Enterprise 
Mandarran Tech Enterprise 
Soviet Industries  Enterprise 


  1. Remove all inactive members
    1. Send out a CM Message
    2. If they do not respond within a week, they will be evicted
    3. This will allow for a quick disbandment of the CM after everyone leaves.
  2. Everyone should leave the CM and join the Unique World Trade Organization.
  3. The 2 Soviet Enterprises will stay in the CM until everyone leaves, which will minimize the gap time between CMs, providing a steady transition of goods.
  4. After everyone has left, the 2 Soviet Enterprises will leave to join the Unique World Trade Organization.

Implementation of the merger will begin once Minister Mike confirms with his Unique liasons. 

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