Port City
Dammer am Preutter
Top Central Preutterdam, Bottom Port of Preutterdam - Collage
Top - Central Preutterdam (Prussian Side); Bottom - Port of Preutterdam, (Prussian Side on Left, Ludonnian on Right)
Motto: Preussischer Tor
Country Aquitanian Empire  
Mainland Westreich
State Prussia
Duchy Westpreutt
 - Type Governor-Council
 - Governor Wilhelm Jutensland
 - Formation 150BCE 
 - Incorporation 1507 
 - City 693,815  
 - Urban 4,700,000
 - Density 10,300/Km2
 - Rank 5th
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Dammer am Preutter, more commonly known as Preutterdam, is the second largest city in the Aquitanian Kingdom of Prussia and the fifth largest city in the Empire. Settled on the Preutter river as the name suggests, Preutterdam is one of the most important ports in the country, 85% of maritime cargo enters Prussia through the city, earning it the motto "Prussian Door/Gate". It is immediately north of Rotter Lake. The city is the third busiest port after Savoy and New Alexandria. The city is administrated by the Duchy of Westpreutt in Prussia and by the Duchy of Ostpreutt in Ludonnia, however there is an ongoing debate on whether to grand the city Imperial Status or leave it in its present state. 

Preutterdam is the historic and symbolic gateway between the Western and Eastern Mainlands, trade from the entire Great Palms region is channeled through this city before being distributed to the Empire, usually in maritime vessels. 


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