Reconstructed Ostenhertz

Post-War Ostenhertz Reconstructed Entirely

The City of Ostenhertz is the capital of the Imperial State of Aquitania and of the Federal Empire of Lusitania, the transportation hub of Old Greater UKO and the first city to rise in the South.

It is the most important port in the Empire of Lusitania and is the transportation line between the Southern Mainland of the Empire and the Northern Mainland. It is also a major attraction because of its white sandy beaches and warm climate. The coastal complex buildings, on beaches surrounding the port, are huge attractions as they are a mix of technology and a symbol of retreat from urban centers, even though they are a part of the city itself.

Oztenherz Coastal Complex

Coastal Complexes Survived the Second Great War

The City was a brilliant example of the UKO Architecture which started there in the 2940's which spread to other close cities and countries. The architecture originally built in the 2940's was destroyed during the Second Great War. It is called the Green City as it respects the surrounding environment and grows with nature, or so the people brag.

It is a cultural melting pot, though the prevailing ethnic group are the Aquitaines, which immigrated from Aquitania, they still retain Aquitanian Citizenship.

It has the most advanced transportation system in the South and possibly the entire Centura Donna Peninsula, featuring an Imperial-Railway that connects Stritch, Bayessburg, Cairtstadt, Meiji and the Northern Kingdom to the Imperial State of Aquitania. The faraway Kingdom of West Bavaria and the Province of Asir are also linked by the Imperial Railway. The Northern Coastal Highway connects the City with the Northern Kingdom and in the long stretch, with the Northern Imperial States.

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