City of Faresake

Faresake Skyline

The City of Faresake is an important City in the Federal Empire of Lusitania and in the Imperial State of Aquitania it is also a cultural place of interest and a focal point for tourists visiting the Empire.

The City is different from the rest of the Imperial cities because of its strange Architecture, people tend to relate it to the similar Ancient Aquitanii Architecture, but historians and researchers dissaprove and mention that the local architecture is far more "advanced". Nevertheless, the city features red banners with Aquitanii symbols, a cultural trait brought by the Aquitanians who founded the city.

Faresake Boardwalk and Parks

A Detailed View of the City's Boardwalks and Promenades Kebir Blue in the distance along with its Moon

The city had innovated the first organized air transit in the planet, custom which later spread to other major cities, cargo airships transport passengers and merchandise from building to building with ease. The city has numerous boardwalks and promenades which have made the city famous, the promenade parks are a place to rest and relax from work or from the city stress.

The city was built on a lake around the year 2946, when the famous Prussian Expansionism was at its peak. The lake is now a major attraction from the boardwalks and promenades.


The city was founded July 24, 2946 by a major Prussian expedition that was surveying the Great Falls to locate a place to build a Hydroplant.

The leader, Hendrich von Hasselberg, along with several Stritch informers and the team of 1,000 surveyors found a great lake surrounded by a pine forest. The team, followed by settlers, mostly of Aquitanii origin, decided it was an excellent place to build a city, and so Farsake was established. The city grew with the influx of immigrants from Aquitania, claiming they were persecuted by ONI. The city, in a year had 10,000 inhabitants and by 2950, the population had jumped to 700,000 people. The Aquitanian immigrants, claimed they had brought "The Secret of the Aquitaniis, from the heart of Aquitania". And so the city suddenly grew with the influence of a strange and new architecture. In the year 2950, the city was recognized by the Aquitanian State as a city, it immediately became popular, attracting thousands of more residents and tourists. The city was an important checkpoint to reach the Banderok State and the north western State of Monto.

The city was leveled in the Second Great War, but was rebuilt in less than 5 years. The city boomed in the beginning of the Seventh Decade of the 30th Century, becoming the most populous City in the Imperial State of Aquitania, in the Empire of Lusitania and in the South Centura Donna Peninsula.

Today its the largest City in the Empire and an Imperial and National Monument, as a sign of Prussian Expaniosism, the City has processions to celebrate the renewed or Second Prussian Expansionism that the Empire is experiencing again.

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