The Church of Simcountry was founded in February of 2008 with the goal of providing help to new players. The first version of the Church Manual proved to be moderately helpful, but was generally lacking in content regarding the military. In June of 2008, Pope John Fire decided it would be best to move Church resources here to the Simcountry Wikia to attract attention and to better link the Church resources to other sources.

Since August 1, 2011 simcountry chuch has been down or closed. Some people speculate a plot, others a government conspiracy, some have even claimed aliens are to blame.


The Church follows the principles of a low Tax, high Profit Transfer, low Salary Level, and zero Country Debt. On the military side, the Church preaches strong Air Defense rather than strong Garrisons.

Th Church of Simcountry divides the game into three spheres: Military, Economic, and Political. The Crusader Manual contains the Church's thoughts on military. The Church Manual contains the Church's thoughts on economics. Finally, the political side of the game is condensed into ten suggestions present in the following Ten Commandments.

Ten Commandments

The Ten Sim-Commandments were originally written as a joke following the less than serious proclamation by John Fire claiming to be Pope of the previously non-existent Church of Simcountry.

1. Thou shalt not hostilely take another players corporations.

2. Thou shalt read the game documentation, though it appears out-dated.

3. Thou shalt not be an asshat.

4. Thou shalt not sell nukes to noobs.

5. Thou shalt not use sneak attacks.

6. Thou shalt not cuss at anyone except asshats.

7. Thou shalt not piss off veterans.

8. Thou shalt not betray one's federation.

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors lands.

10. Thou shalt not disobey the Game-God for he wields the mighty IP ban.

Follow these rules and play nice. Welcome to Simcountry.

Church Manual

The first Church Manual was written back in February as a step forward in helping newer players, previously the only help new players could recieve was from outdated Documentation. A second updated version took the place of this taking into account the superior advantages of a 0% Tax and low salaries. The third version was written to better organize and condense the information.

Crusader Manual

The first Crusader Manual was written with the second Church Manual as a means of expanding on the resources of the Church. The second manual was updated and another manual on Strategy called Crusader Tactics was written. These manuals have yet to be updated regarding Air Transport units.

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