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The Business Index is an indicator of a country's overall economic well-being. It takes into account of how business and industry are doing. A business index of 100 indicates that the country's economy is working a full capacity. In short, the business index is a measure of the productivity of your economy.


Various aspects of your economy will affect your business index, positively or negatively. Corporations in your country should be hiring and producing at 100% or greater.

  • Corporate Welfare Index - A higher corporate welfare index will increase production in corporations in your country. Thus contributing to a higher business index.
    • Corporate Salaries
    • Country Welfare Index
  • Unsold Products - Unsold Products negatively impact your index, as it affects the profitability of your corporations. Unsold Products should be "None".

Production Value

The production value section of the Business Index page lists the total values of the products your country produces in a month (measured in SC$). By multiplying the average (for a game year) of "Total for all Corporations" by 12 (months), you will get your country's gross domestic product (GDP, nominal).

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