Lacerta Berco Yok
Lacertian Fisical - Cópia
Countries 64

Berco Yok is the easterly region of the Lacerta continent (Golden Rainbow), defined by geography or geopolitics.

64 countries, 25 with president (including 2 empire with 2 countries each), constitute Berco Yok region:

  • Empire of Methamor
  • The Empire of Talmaria


Geographically, the Berco Yok region is a peninsular region in south-east Lacerta Continent, extending southward into the Eastern Ocean with the South Yok Gulf to the southwest and the Great Gulf of Lacerta to the north.


According to the Pakistani Institute of Geography and Statistics (IPGE) the population within the standard physical geographical boundaries was 727 millions in 3322 and 800 millions in 3372, 790 millions in 3475. Population growth is comparatively slow and median age comparatively medium in relation to the world's other continents.

Most populous countries in Berco Yok (Lacerta) in 3475
Rank Country Population
1 Yokistan 39,800,000
2 Terra Alpha 38,000,000
3 Lino 32,500,000
4 Queensland 19,200,000
5 Merce 18,500,000
6 Portabe 17,000,000
7 Bella Tata 14,100,000
8 Argile 13,700,000
9 Sotarno 13,100,000
10 Bardosso 13,000,000


The climate is very diverse, with a large variety of climates. Such a diversity is chiefly conditioned by the presence of the central mountains and the ocean currents.

In general, the climate on the coast is subtropical. The mountains observe a cool-to-cold climate with rainy summers and dry winters. The northern lowlands present an tropical cilmate with hot summer.

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