Battle of Orotal Mountain
Orotal Mountain
Date 1097 AM
Location South Bandria Granda, Eridana
  • Kormenian Victory
  • Death of Polidor Jelacic
Territorial Changes Slavinia unified to Kormenia
Sarbiancoa Principality of Slavinia Rumacoat Kingdom of Kormenia
Polidor Jelacic Phillipos of Kormenia
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Heavy, death of his king Unknown

The Battle of Orotal Mountain took place in the year 1097 and was fought on Central Ruthenia in the known as Polidora Mountain, between the army of Slavinian Knaz Polidor Jelacic and King Phillipos I of Kormenia. It was a decisive Kormenian victory and resulted in the death of Polidor Jelacic.


In an attempt to win the crown of the Principality of Slavinia, the Kormenian army crossed the river Drava and invaded the Slavinian territory, trying to reach the Marmoran coast. Knaz Polidor I of Slavinia then moved from his residency at Knin castle in an attempt to defend his principate from the Kormenians. Polidor and his army moved north to meet advancing Kormenians, and the two armies met each other in the vicinity of Polidor's Mountain. After a fierce battle, Knaz Polidor was killed.


The mountain where this bloody battle had taken place was later named Polidor's Mountain in honour of the king who fell there. The outcome was disastrous for his army and country because this battle marked the end of the dynasty of Sarbian national knazs. The winner of the battle, King Phillipos of Kormenia created a personal union between the both territories. He was then crowned as King of Slavinia in the Sarbian capital of Terepesos on the AMarmoran coast in 1102. united in a personal and religious union.

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