The Grand Principality of Baldor
Motto: One for all, all for one
Anthem: God Save the King
 - World Golden Rainbow  
 - Continent Lynx Minor  
 - Region Fornax Musica  
 - Capital Venysar  
 - Largest city Venysar  
Official languages English
Regional Languages Roynaric, German, English
Ethnic groups 83.8%   Germanic
  11.4%   Roynish
  3.8%   Black
  1%   Other races
Demonym Baldorian, Baldorish, (Roynish)
Religion Pagan
Government Aristocracy
 - Grand Archon Pippin III
 - Chancellor Michael
Legislature Grand Council
 - Upper house Estates Council 
 - Lower house Assembly of Burgesses 
 - Formation June 3576 
 - Founded June 22, 3576 
 - Constitution signed July 19, 3576 
 - Total 26,635,633  
 - Total 82,299  
 - Percentage 77%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation Royne Confederacy
 - Common Market Royne Trade Union
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
Nominal Value US$27.89
Currency royne franc
Internet TLD {{{Internet_TLD}}}
Date Format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
URL [{{{url}}} Baldor] in Simcountry.


The Grand Principality of Baldor is a fairly young country but has an old history dating back centuries. The country is located in the Fornax Musica region on the Lynx Minor continent on Golden Rainbow. The country is part of and a founding member of the Royne Confederacy

Official Name: The Grand Principality of Baldor

Form of Government: Aristocracy

Founded: June 22, 3576

Capital: Venysar

Location: southern area of Fornax Musica region on the continent of Lynx Minor on Golden Rainbow. Bordered to the east by the country of Romandy and to the south by the Grand Sea (part of the Equatorial Ocean).

Area: from north to south 266.54 (30.43 degrees north to 32.86 degrees north). from east to west 349.55 (114.09 degrees east to 117.81 degrees east).

Major Rivers: The Royne, Honeywine

Major Features: Highlands, Royne river system



The country is classed as having a SW Tropical Savannah climate. Though this would really only apply to the southern most part of the country as most of the country has a more sub-tropical climate. The area around the capital city Venysar has a Mediterranean climate.

Land use: 30% arable land, 2% permanent crops, 54% forest and woodland, 10% meadows and pastures, 4% other


The government of Baldor follows a mixed model form. The legislature is bicameral.


Grand Archon or Grand Prince - is head of state. Position is hereditary and ceremonial.

Chancellor - is head of government and chairs the cabinet.

Executive Privy Council - is in effect the cabinet


Estates Council - Legislative body that reviews all legislation. Members are appointed.

Assembly of Burgesses - Originates, debates and forwards all legislation. Members are democratically elected to five (5) year terms.


High Court

Regional Courts of Appeal

The Capital

The capital city Venysar is an old city with a history dating back centuries. It is regarded as one of the oldest cities on Golden Rainbow. There are many unique features and sites to see. The Great Library of Venysar, Imperial Palace, Old Market, Point Tower, Riverview Business District, Royne river,

Country Baldor  
 - Type Venysar City Council
 - Formation July 19, 2270 
 - City 7,154,207  
 - Rank 1
Demonym Venysarine
geoTLD .ve


See the Royne Confederacy for the history of this country as most of it's history overlaps that of the Confederacy's.

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