Syntagma CoA

The Coat of Arms of the Athanatoi

The Athanatoi Guards (also called The Imperial Regiment, is a unique military regiment, it is a part of the Ruthene Imperial Protective Service with the status of a special unit. The regiment ensures the security of the emperor buildings and its treasures and guards the highest state officials. And in accordance with the imperial law of December 8, 3257 , the regiment also maintains a guard of honor at the eternal flame of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The regiment is housed in the historic Vesiris Palati Arsenal.


On September 2, 3257 on the basis of the 11th Cavalry Regiment (the Auronopolis Military District movie-making cavalry unit) a cavalry escort unit was formed as part of the Imperial Regiment, the Basileus Theodoros create the unit the necesity of the "protection of the treasure of the capital, the imperial treasures and the imperial heritage of Ruthenia", the Athanatoi was formed under the memorial of the soldiers fallen in the Battle of Ostambal, who many selloi died for the ruthene liberty.

The Basileus create the regiment under the supervision of the ISS.

On May 7, 3258 the regiment gained a new regimental color, modeled on the ones used by the Imperial Guard units. It has also recently acquired special ceremonial uniforms closely modelled on those worn on parade by the infantry and the cavalry of the Kormenian Imperial Guard until 2588. These are worn in addition to modern style dress uniforms adopted during the final years of the Parsian period. Both types of uniform are in dark green with medium blue piping, but the shoulder insignia and boards in the historical full dress is different, even through the ranks are just the same. When in modern dress uniforms, they wear blue berets, but wear the shako and tall boots with the historical full dress.

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