Arkane Enterprise
General Details  
 - World Fearless Blue  
 - Headquarters Lynx Minor  
 - CEO's name Centurion A.  
 - Founded Feb 3479  
Financial Details  
 - Revenue SC$170 Billion 
 - Net income SC$223.6 Billion 
 - Total 25 Million  

Arkane Enterprises

Arkane Enterprises was created by Centurion Axon in Feb 3479

Arkane Enterprises employs more than 25 million workers through 115 different corporations.

Background Info

CEO: Centurion Axon

Founder: Centurion

Founded: Feb 5 3479

Headquarters: Fearless Blue

Industry: Conglomerate

Net Worth: 18,364.59B


Arkane Enterprise invests heavily in the Industry, Services, High Tech and Mining private sectors.

Investing about 5.4 Trillion in Public Corporations throughout Fearless Blue.

Space Markets

Arkane Enterprises has little investments in Space Industries but rumor has it that they plan for major exporting in the space markets in the following months.

Country Stimulation Package

Arkane Enterprises offers the Country Stimulation Package (CSP) to countries who have fallen in great debt, and or need an economical super boost.


Arkane Enterprise offers Merchant of Death Package contracts but does so very cautiously. Arkane Enterprises offers Offensive, Defensive and Strategic Weapons* to those who need it.

  • Strategic Weapons are sold in limited amounts
  • Project Emc - Offered to high class countries with well structured economy


Company Sector Ownership
Arkane Air Transport Industry

Business Services

Arkane Chemicals Industry

Chemical Manufacturer

Arkane Electric Power Utilities Undisclosed
Arkane EON Utlities 100%
Arke Defensive Weapons Military Undisclosed

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