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This is an Independent Agency of the Government of Aquitania

The Aquitanian Health Defense Agency or AHDA, was formed during 29th century in the year 2875, following the HDI41 Outbreak in Aquitania and the fall of the City of Avaris.

PHDA Agency Seal

PHDA Seal Golden Letters stand for: Contain, Quarantine, Preserve and Eradicate.

The Agency is the second most important in the Aquitanian Kingdom after ONI (Office of National Intelligence). The agency is widely known for its use of state of the ark technology to fight threatening patogens and other illnesses globaly.

It is accepted internationaly and foreign nations usually collaborate and give the agency the responsibility of giving the local population awareness reports, the authority of organizing evacuations, quarantines and providing research centers, during the propagation and development of the infectious disease in the country.


The agency was formed by orders of King Alexander I Wolfker in the year 2875 after the deadly outbreak of the HDI45 virus and the loss of Savoy behind the "Forsaken Line". The PHDA immediately placed an exclusion zone, referred to by citizens as the Forsaken Line or Dead Line. After a harsh quarantine and the desolation of West Aquitania behind the exclusion line, the infected died and repopulation was possible. The victory was cheered by the Aquitanians, which began to donate large sums of money to help the organization.

GDIV1 Spread Area

Infection Exclusion Zones, note the spread since the initial exclusion declaration.

With the help of donated money, the Agency was able to support foreign countries, doing so won the donations of the many countries' citizens.

Throughout the years 2897 and 2940, the agency handled secondary outbreaks of the HDI45 and the biochemical bombings of the Green Tide cells.

The agency fought the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus in the City of Westlaire, Aquitania. Research determined that the virus was a radical mutation of the biochemical weaponry agent created by the dwindling Green Tide group.

The Quarantine on the old Duchy of West-Aquitania was lifted after several years and repopulation began. The GDIV1 Virus had completely disappeared from the country.

Infectious Classifications

The PHDA Classifies illnesses and virus with the following table:

Classification Numeral Characteristics of the Infectious Disease
Contagion Level One Blue The patogen is infectious but poses no severe danger to the affected person, the virus can usually be cured in one or two weeks without medical treatment.
Contagion Level Two White The illness is contagious but poses no significant danger to the infected individual, weekly medical check ups are recommended and avoiding public places is mandatory.
Contagion Level Three Yellow It is highly contagious, its usually airborne and poses great risks to the population, Influenza is in this category. Immediate hospital attention is required and patient is to remain in the hospital for a week.
Contagion Level Four Orange Infected people are placed under quarantine in their homes, illnesses in this category lack any cure and are extremely contagious. Ebola is in this category. Infected numbers of over 500 makes the PHDA issue a city-wide quarantine.
Contagion Level Five Red Before HDI45, the categorization of infectious diseases only had 4 levels, but due to the behaviour of people after being infected, the epidemic proves much more contagious and extremely difficult to contain. Bombardments, quarantines and deadly force are used in this emergency level. The patogens HDI45 and the GDIV1 are in this categorization, the GDIV1 is the most aggressive and graphic of both.


The GDIV1 is considered the most highly infectious disease that has ever hit White Giant in history, it is also the most violent and is considered to be the worst thing that could happen to a person.

The infection is a mutation from the bio-chemical weapons used by the Green Tide.

The initial symptoms are:

Violent loss of body motor controls.

Increased anger by the hour.

Loss of all body control, it is unknown if the infected individual is still conscious and aware of what is happening, probabilities are extremely low, for the infected act as savage and violent as an animal.


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