Antilia Major
Location Antilia Major (Kebir Blue)
Regions 16
Countries 595

Antilia Major is a continent in the planet of Kebir Blue, located in the Southern hemisphere. It is surrounded by the Central Ocean to the east and north, Lacerta Ocean to the west and northwest and the Southern Ocean to the south. The Vanguard Sea is a large sea in its south-central parts and the Lion Sea is located in the northeast.


Antilia Major is by far the largest continent of Kebir Blue measurig 8,700km east-west and 5,800 north-south.


The continent is divided into 16 major regions, which are divided into many countries. A total of 595 countries are located on the continent.

List of regions


Antilia Major is one of the southernmost continents and is bordered by the Southern Ocean to the south and is mostly characterized by ice formations.

The Auruga Desert is the major desert in Kebir Blue, located in its central parts.

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