House of Almodia
Country Kormenia
Parent house Unknown
Titles Grand Prince of Kormenia
King of Kormenia
Founded 895
Founder Klassr
Final ruler Menelaos IV
Current head None, Defunct
Dissolution 1901
Cadet branches House of Andreadis
house of Angelos
 The almodians was the ruling dynasty of the Principality of Kormenia in the 9th and 10th centuries and of the Kingdom of Kormenia from 1000 to 1901. The dynasty was named after Grand Prince Klassr who was the head of the Korimi tribal federation during the conquest of the Rothinoi Peninsula, c. 895. It is also referred to as the Turul dynasty.

Both the first Grand Prince of the Korimis (Klassr) and the first King of Kormenia (Saint Stephanos) were members of the dynasty.

The dynasty came to end in 1901 with the death of King Menelaos IV of Kormenia, while the last member of the House of Almodia, Menelao's daughter, Maria of Manalia, died in 1936 or 1938. All of the subsequent sovereigns of Kormenia were cognatic descendants of the Almodian dynasty.

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