The Admissions and Recruitment Act is a piece of legislation passed by the Politburo of the Seventy-Sixth Soviet Government in 3649. It was introduced by the Imperial Union of Gaia during the end of the Seventy-Sixth Soviet Government, with the purpose of democratizing the admissions process and to provide guidelines for recruitment.


The Admissions and Recruitment Act (ARA) introduces a voting process for the acceptance of new members, and sets out guidelines for recruitment.


Article 1: Admissions

Under the Admission and Recruitment Act (ARA), the process of admitting a new member will be much more democratic. The recruiter will now have to present their case (why the new member should be admitted) before the federation, prior to the voting process for admission.

1) Before the Premier sends out an invitation, the Premier or the recruiter must send out a federation-wide message informing the rest of the members about the new member.

1a) If a country applies to join the federation, the person who is contacted must send out a federation-wide message (same as above).

2) The Supreme Court will then hold a public or private vote for the acceptance of the new member. If a majority of the votes are in favour, the Premier will be permitted to send out an invitation.

3) Once accepted, the new member will be in a probationary period (1 month) and will be subject to activity checks (once a week) by either the Supreme Court or Interior Ministry.

3a) if they fail to respond to a majority of the checks, they will be evicted.

4) A welcome message will be sent to the new member by the Premier. The message will contain necessary information (types of information will be finalized by the Politburo).

5) After the admission process is complete, the Interior Ministry, Premier, or recruiter, must update the "List of Members of the Soviet Federation" on the wiki with the relevant information.

6) Each member may only have one country in their empire be part of the federation.

Article 2: Recruitment

Recruitment guidelines will help select active members. Guidelines will also help the recruiter present their case before the federation.

1) Recruiters should be looking for active countries that show an interest in joining (response to messages).

2) Country indexes (Employment, education, health, etc) should show signs of improvement (indicator of activity).

Article 3: Exemptions

1) Members switching their leader country

2) Former members

3) Article 1, Section 5, must still be carried out in the case of exemptions.

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