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The 3640 Soviet Datacommons was conducted by the Highlandic Office of Soviet Affairs on the onset of the Seventy Sixth Soviet Government. Due to constitutional arrangements the 3620 was deferred to 3640. In similar format to the previous datacommons, a range of demographic, economic and political information has been given about each individual country. Along with this is relevant information of how the nation has evolved over the span of the four decades, as well as speculation as to the route causes of adverse or positive changes in the economic/demographic position.

3600 ~ 3640

The 3640 Datacommons was the first datacommons to be conducted during the Concord era, and was published during a time period of prolific change for most countries within the Soviet Federation. Machanical shifts in war levelling policy as well as economic changes have prompted a substantial change or even reversal of fortunes for most federal countries.

3620 Economic Crisis

Perhaps the most profound event to occur throughout the 40 year period was that of the economic crisis to hit Kebir Blue in the mid 3620's. Simply referred to throuhgout the datacommons as the recession. The crisis was centered around the supply of many products across many industries shooting up, this in turn crashed prices, slashed demand and effected every country located in Kebir Blue.

With prices being effected and the market situation meaning demand had fallen to record lows, even countries in common markets were effected by the crisis. The immediate reaction was that of a widespread, and almost universal drop in the financial index of every single country. The crisis effected different countries differently depending on their economic makeup and which industries their economies had prominence in. Recovery from the crisis came in the early 3630's for most countries, with some referring to a 'lost decade'.

Current Market Conditions

Although market conditions vary on which industries you produce, it can be argued that current market conditions remain at the optimal levels for economic growth. In a wide range of industries there are shortages large enough to push up the price though not enough to signficantly impeed growth or consumption of these products. Signficant shortages remain in road maintenance and other government related commodities, which was a direct cause of the American recession. Despite this providing the supply chain's of each country is secure, market conditions remain optimal.

Individual Countries

Tomb States

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
12.79B 159.38 25% 60% 26,886,696 122.20 89.97% 1251.36B


Tomb States is a new country within the Soviet Federation. From retrievable evidence, Tomb States has been effected by recession recently although the damage was not lasting and the country has since recovered substantially. For a country of relative young age, population has grown heathily despite the conditions as so GDP. Recent months have seen the rate of growth stagnate somewhat, however with a low employment rate and recent corporate construction orders submitted, the Financial Ministry remains confident that by the next datacommons Tomb States would've further developed into an even larger economy then that it is now.

United Republic of Amorea

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
13.51B 162.47 7% 60% 38,029,489 113.33 91.58%  1720.32B


In the previous decades, Amorea has like most countries experienced a troubled few years economically. Despite this, in the past decade the country has seen a robust and steady recovery across most visible economic fields. However in recent months the recovery has stagnated, with the financial index peaking at 164 before falling to current numbers.

Analysis confirms that Amorea is not a member of a common market, as a result it has experienced the adverse effects of market fluctuations more then any other country. Although trading 20% through local contracts, shortages in many commodities worldwide threaten the supply chain of many countries not involved in CM trading activity. This is most evident in Amorea. Which despite a strong growth is experiencing troubles in it's recovery. Such problems however are easily rectifiable as such by joining a common market to protect from global market fluctuations.

Soviet RSFSR

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
-6.66B 97.39 10% 82% 75,324,887 119.68 95.68% 3813.84B


The past four decades have presented many challenges for larger countries such as Soviet RSFSR. Firstly, GDP along with population has increased substantially compared to most other contemporary nations within the Soviet Federation. The Business index has remained roughly the same and employment compared to some others has remained moderately high. However the collapse in the financial index, as well as a increasing budget deficit have become apparent largerly in the past 10 years alone.

Relative common market involvement within the Mandarran Highlandic Market mean that Soviet RSFSR managed to avoid some of the uglier parts of the world recession. Soviet RSFSR indeed spent over a Trillion SC$ in aiding the world markets during the recession of the 3620's. Despite this common market trading could be higher, Soviet RSFSR has recently endevoured to increase economic security by increasing local and common market trading. Despite running a adverse budget deficit, the level of liquid cash avaliable to the country means that such economic misfortunes have no real long term impact.

The Kingdom of Horace

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
15.17B 144.02 15% 75% 26,886,696 120.36 93.37% 1476.72B


The Kingdom of Horace on initial observation has reacted well to recent economic misfortune. Profit/loss has grown at a robust level, creating a excellent comfort net for unexpected costs. The GDP of Horace continues it's trend, rising roughly 1% each year and roughly constituting a 40% increase since the previous datacommons, these levels find themselves above the Soviet Federation average for growth. Analysis estimates that Horace was hit badly by the recession in terms of assts and overall financial health. Fortunately Horace is witnessing a strong rebound.

Horace currently trades ample amount on all three markets (local,common,world). In recent years Horace has took advantage of the world recovery via more trading on the world makets. Horace remains a active member of the Mandarran Highlandic Market.

Mandarr Peoples Republic

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
2.24B 91.34 1% 85% 62,820,894 128.50 96.04% 3594.24B


Mandarr, from initial observation has experienced a postive last four decades. A strong population growth has been accompanied by strong GDP performance also and relative economic liberalisation with regards to Tax rates. Assets have decreased substantially, however a lower proportion of assets are liquid cash compared to the pervious datacommons. Employment has proportionately got better since the previous datacommons.

Analysis shows that Mandarr was one of the worst hit by the economic crisis, despite being a member of a common market. Despite this recovery to the point one might call normality has been quick with favourability returning to the world markets. Mandarr currently, and consistently is running up a substantial trading deficit of almost SC$ 100 Billion, which may cause medium/long term problems. Trading figures are prone to alternate substantially.

Imperial States of America

Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
25.68B 150.95 20% 30% 198,096,586 99.82 94.84% 8644.2B


The Imperial States of America from initial observation has since the last datacommons grew substantially along most/all fields. Profit/loss has profoundly increased, not least population, which now represents a significant proportion of the total population of the Soviet Federation. Assets have also grown substantially and this is back by continually high employment figures.

However the Imperial States has, in the midst of this growth suffered economic calamity. With the compounding effect of market instability and the sudden (and forced) closure of roads the transportation index fell sharply. This, with the closure of the secondary country has resulted in a economic crisis for America, with debt levels at one point reaching 3Trillion. Analysis confirms a substantial and adrupt change in the financial index, reaching it's peak at 178, the trend with recent instability signals a substantial decline.

Although the economic outlook remains gloomy, the Security Council is under voting to give 2T in aid, also. Despite the recent instability infastructure has been repaired an international action plan has been enacted. Led by America, the action plan is predicted to bring relative stability to the American economy, further recommendations alongside this action plan would include ensuring salaries are increased to increase tax revenue. America's trading breakdown suggests that the economy is generally balanced between the various markets. Meaning ISA is to benefit most from market conditions.


Profit / Loss Financial Index Tax Rate Profit Contribution Population Business Index Employment GDP per annum Total Assets
8.47B 152.07 30% 50% 29,397,558 121.89 84.91% 1331.04B


With the notable exception of employment, Andarun's economy has registered substantial improvements in recent years, achieving a AAA rating through the Economic Advice Act's indicies. Andarun's economy has performed strongly in the past years, almost doubling in size (GDP) and maintaining a high business index. Andarun was hit hard like most countries in regards to the recession, with it's asset levels only recent recovering. However despite this future prospect for growth looks strong.

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