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• 6/24/2014

Proposal - Council of Centau Resolution #2

(Resolution #1, being the founding of the organization)
Purpose: The finalization of the Interplanetary Council of the CC.

The Interplanetary Council of the CC (similar to the UN Security Council), would consist of five members.
three would be permanent members.
two would be rotational/temporary members.
initially, the two rotational members may not be from the same planet.
five members is the initial amount of members, it may grow as the CC gains more members.
Permanent members hold veto power.
Veto may be overturned if the majority of the Greater Assembly votes against it (two-thirds majority), to prevent abuse of veto power.
The CC Interplanetary Council holds the responsibility over the deployment of the CC Peacekeepers.
Please vote or discuss the proposal below.
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• 6/17/2014

Convention of the Sea

I want to create a interplanetary convention between CC members, imitating the UN Convention of the Sea
Mainly because to recreate some "important" conventions about the sea territories of our empires.
Here the article of the real convention in Wikipedia:
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• 5/10/2014

CC Stature

Hey boys
we need something like a statute to define well  the concept of the organization and not an item have more than we have in the wikia
therefore propose the following activities as soon as possible before you run out the urge:

Encouraging roleplay activities between members
bringing diplomatic positions between members (embassies, creation of the parliament articles, political parties, define the roles and responsibilities of each member who is leader of the council likeSecretary-General, Deputy, etc
organize sports, games and commerce events
define other responsabilites between members :P
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