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• 6/19/2015

New to simcountry wiki.

im new to the simcountry wiki and i wanted to know how to make a country page. i dont know how to make the template on the right hand side of the country pages (it holds the country info) and i dont know how you guys get screenshot-like pictures of your country's region/territory.
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• 7/11/2014

Older pages

Why has someone gone through and deleted dozens of pages related to the Soviet Federation? This includes legislation, political parties, events, former member states, etc. I don't see any reason why they should have been deleted and I would like to formally request that they be reinstated. I don't see the point of having a wiki if material from it will be deleted later.
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• 5/7/2014

Image Problems

I have some problems when uploading images, in creating the next page
when I upload pictures, looks transparent review and writing of the review looks gray compared to other sites (which are blank and normal reviews), this causes some discomfort
and reviewing the normal codes, I have not found the source of the problem ?
can someone help me please?
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• 4/1/2014

Create new Templates

I would like to know how I can create new templates to improve and enrich the content of wiki of all that update and have interest in it, I'm especially interested in creating templates of battles and personalities, like the original wiki 

any information will be valuable 

best regards
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• 4/1/2014

Religion Pages

I want to write a page related to the religion of my country, but I have a detail that can cause problems: I want to use a real religion (Orthodox Christianity) is feasible to create pages on real religions? for the background of my country but SC is a detail of the utmost importance, obviously omitting factual information and certain characteristics by replacing some fictitious 

Here I prefer to ask before causing any problems 
Best Regards
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