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• 9/3/2014

Maps Feature Enabled

The experimental maps feature has been enabled.
With this feature, you can create your own maps based on the map of Earth or an uploaded image of your choosing (ie. country, city, or region maps).
How to name your map template:

Naming: Map of _____ (Simcountry)*
Example: Map of Earth (Simcountry)
*Adding "(Simcountry)" makes it easier to find map templates from our wiki (map templates can be accessed from every wiki, unlike pictures and videos).
Create your own map: Create Map
More info: Help:Wikia Maps
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• 6/23/2014

sorry for inactivity,

sorry for inactivity, I am in cuba currently visting my father and grandmother, i should be back july 1st, also if your wondering yes there is internet here it is just painfully slow haha, but i have lots of pictures i hope to upload here, thank you guys see ya when i get back.
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• 6/18/2014

Wikia Maintenance

As some of you have noticed, the wikia is low maintenance, cleaning and removing unnecessary image as rebundant items, because the wikia has too many unnecessary items and images that are not used for the little community we are, this is caused mostly by the serious lack of maintenance it has had in recent years, hurting the image we want for the wikia.
Updates so far:

Upgraded main page, with a welcome message and a better navigation categories, i deleted the "ecomonics" category, creating the "roleplay" category, for the community here who like roleplay with their countries and i merged the "corporations category with the few "economics" articles we have
created the "guides" category, for certain guides articles of veteran members, these category is different to the "official" documentation and official manual of the official simcountry page.
Have eliminated more than 100 articles so far, which are considered obsolete, unnecessary or rebundant information created 5 years or more, some articles said the same thing with another articles, I merging some articles andformed in a single article 
ALL pictures that are not published in articles or galleries are deleted, this is because the wikia is not a storehouse of images and only images with a certain utility can be saved (published), will be asked now that the titles image titles are consistent,
for example:
cityofblehcountry.png or parliamentofblehcountry.png
do not title the images as:
13123213.png or imamthebestguyever.gif
I hope everyone like these changes, for a more clean wikia for all of us.
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• 6/16/2014

Coronation Day in Arendale

Long live the Union
As of 3338 Arendale's noble family,the Reinaldis have proclaimed thier candidate to the throne,Princess Mary Jane Eunize Reinaldi.The Coronation will be on May 10,3339 in front of Capitol Paalce
All representatives from the invited countries will be given diplomatic immunity and ANSF guards for security.They will be vacated in the Arendelle Hotel for free,or any hotel they wish.The invited countries are Ruthenia.Gaia,Mandarr and Aquitania for the Centau nations.
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• 5/27/2014

Communist Crisis in Arendale,3329

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen
As all of you may have known,the Union of Arendale is now in the height of a communist revolution and the ones gaining the upperhand is the New Peoples Army.The enemy has almost overrun all of the countryside since the defeat of the 7th Infantry Regiment.The country's last forces the Nova Invicta have made a last stand in Arendelle.If any of the members of the council of Centau may wish to send much needeed aid it would be thankfully accepted.
From the Queen Eunizerx,enroute to Peoples Republic of Mars.
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• 5/6/2014

Council of Centau

Fellow editors currently working on the Council of Centau: Is it possible to create something similar to this?
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• 5/10/2014

New Wikia Policy

I created a new section for everyone, a beta policy about certain things, like deletion and blog posting
Hope everyone like it, is a pioneering and help bring order and answer questions on any matter that comes 
I've also updated and tidy Portal page to make it more clear some things they had not previously
Best Regards
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• 5/10/2014


Hello there
in order to create a more fun community in this wikia, i create this with the purpose to have a rapid access to content creators users.
I have already created a beta of mine as an example , i hope the community is motivated to create their own and do different things to get to know each other :)
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• 4/29/2014


Hello everyone 
In case you have not noticed, I created a new template that is creating news and events related to our countries I have created in order to promote the participation of those who create content about their countries, you can see the template on the main page with the name "current headlines" 
to add new news should click "Add more news" is on the main wiki page
also manages the navigation template that currently exists on the site and is far closer to the original wiki, I hope you like it
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• 4/14/2014

New Main Page

I designed the new main page and clean a lot of things
Wolfker, when you have time, please, delete the new category :P
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• 4/13/2014

Template Category

Check the new templates added the created by ImperialEditor (city infobox, Largest Cities infobox) and the mines (infobox3.0. wip, war, warbox, Portal Gallery, and my navbox), hope all templates created in the future to add to that category have increased by between new and old 
war: added a new infobox for conflict and war-related events like the Second Great War 
Warbox: special template to warn that it is a war, besides that the product automatically adds a special category called "War" which will sort everything easier, I only found two wars so add both
Wip: template created for incomplete pages or pages that are missing a lot of work on the part of its creators hope it is useful
infobox3.0: an improved version of the infobox to countries that add new and interesting features, like a coat of arms on the side of the flag 
I hope you like the new templates and in the future using both old and new members
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